Raspberry Bomb D-BHB Exogenous Ketones

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Description: NEXT GENERATION Exogenous Ketones a highly potent blend! Box of 20 sachets. First of all, let’s explain what a ketone is…put simply, Ketones are produced within the body when fatty acids are broken down by the liver to produce energy in the absence of glucose (sugar). This is the aim of...
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NEXT GENERATION Exogenous Ketones a highly potent blend! Box of 20 sachets.

First of all, let’s explain what a ketone is…put simply, Ketones are produced within the body when fatty acids are broken down by the liver to produce energy in the absence of glucose (sugar). This is the aim of someone wanting to live a ketogenic lifestyle.

These are endogenous Ketones… Produced from within the body

Exogenous ketones are supplied from outside the body in supplement form.

It can take a few days to become ketogenic naturally and it’s not always easy, many experience keto flu symptoms, things like headaches, aching, lethargy, nausea, all common side effects of becoming ketogenic initially but by supplementing with exogenous ketones can help combat these side effects by helping your body induce a ketogenic state and ramping up endogenous ketones production. Exogenous Ketones are also bound to salts (electrolytes) lack of which can further exacerbate the keto flu.

This is very common as the body is going through a detoxification phase, but many of these effects can be negated with the supplementation of Exogenous Ketones.

Stay hydrated with our ketone boosting Raspberry Bomb. Our blend has more BHB per gram than most other market leaders, over 2 years of development has allowed us to create the most potent Exogenous Ketone drink in a delicious Raspberry flavour!

Also use when in a ketogenic state to aid in training and workouts, reaping all the benefits that ketosis has to offer!

Suggested Use : Mix with 500ml of water.

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Raspberry Bomb D-BHB Exogenous Ketones
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Loraine O.
United Kingdom United Kingdom



John H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Best BHB ever!

Really love this, feels really natural, gives a great boost Hester you’re doing.

Zöe M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Love this product.

This has helped me stay mentally clear for long periods of time in stressful circumstances, but the best thing is the support you get from the team.

Mark f.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Raspberry Bomb - High Octane!

Wow this stuff really does work. Definitely the most effective keytone and electrolyte supplement I’ve tried. I have been using it for runs of 1 to 2 hours and it’s been like rocket fuel, also gives quite a brain boost. Great training aid and tastes better than some similar products.

Chris M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Raspberry Bombs

Unbelievable product that gives you amazing energy and CV mental clarity

Carol L.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Keto bhb powders

Brilliant product but nearly £100 for 20 little sachets makes it too expensive for most people's budgets especially now

Kyle F.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

All I can say is amazing

I’ve been competing for the Welsh transplant team this weekend and have been running off the raspberry bombs before each event, it help me get bronze in the archery after the first time picking up the bow, it gave the the mental clarity to learn in 10mins what the technique is and gave me the confidence to go for it. I also had one playing football. Football started at 9am by the time I had food I was in over a 27 hour fast and I was on the pitch a lot longer than any of my team mate I was on it for 35 out of 40 mins and still have energy to carry on. I will be using more today for my shot put and ball throw as well as continuing my training after this.

Gemma E.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Fantastic Product

Just tried the new Raspberry Bomb Ketones. Love the flavour and have seen a real improvement in energy and concentration since taking them. Would highly recommend, especially after training / workout.

Adrian P.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

An Extra Boost

On a recent 1/2 marathon I felt taking one of these Raspberry Bombs definitely gave me the energy boost I needed. Will be using again on long runs.

John S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Raspberry bombs

What a fantastic product give u a lot of energy without the jitters a no brainier when about to have a workout

Lesley W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


I wanted these to taste great.....and they did. No more holding my nose trying to down in 1 my blend of salty metallic exogenous ketones. Just the extra boost that I need for brain and body to get me thought the mid afternoon crisis time. They are pricey but cost effective as I would have some kind of bar to keep me going during this 'said' crisis time which would actually work out more expensive than a serving of these, so for me very cost effective. Brilliant product, well done.

Steven H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Raspberry Bombs

First recovery run today following the Alpsman Ironman distance Triathlon two weeks ago. Was eager to try the new Raspberry Bomb after reading such positive reviews and they certainly didn’t disappoint. Used half of the sachet as just a short run and had to make myself stop at 3 miles (stick to the training plan) as I still had boundless energy levels. Looking forward to seeing what these can help me achieve in my longer runs in coming weeks. Pros: Taste fantastic Mental Alertness Loads of energy Cons:

Anthony H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

I have been in sports for over 50 years and this is the best legal power source I have ever used

Perfect I took one sachet and swam 1500 meters biked 40 kilometres run 10 kilometres

Kyle F.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Raspberry Bombs What and amazing product

I used the Raspberry Bomb Ketones for the first time to day. It was my first football session back since before lockdown. I know I was going to be well below my old self, carrying more weight and next to know physical activate since lockdown. I wanted to give myself a fighting chance so after buying a box yesterday it was no better time to test them and I’m so glad I did. I got my a phone call last week inviting me to rep The Wales Transplant football team in the British transplant games. I have 5 weeks to get in the best shape possible. This product is going to be added to my weekly supplement routine. It is defo worth a try. I took it at 9:45 15 mins before my 2hour training session and I’m still feeling the affects now at 15:40. My body feels sore from training but not week like I got more in the tank, my focus is crazy and I’m loving the feeling

Kyle F.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

The Raspberry Bombs Ketones are out of this World

Today my my first day back playing football for Wales Transplant Team, I wanted to give myself a little bit more for the 2 hour session. I smashed the training session having these 15-20 mins before training. These definitely help me and then I used the Keto Pro Electrolytes during the training session to make sure I was well hydrated. They are going to be part of my weekly training supplements. I would advise you give them a try you will not regret it.

Sara D.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Rasberry bomb

Wow wow wow! Amazing product, tastes beautiful with no nasty aftertaste. Have amazing sustainable energy and mental clarity after taking it. Much cheaper than rival products

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