The Keto-Pro Low Carb and Keto Shopping List

The cornerstones of the Keto/Low Carb diet are healthy fats and protein. Animal protein in particular are considered to be the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. But they're not the only Low Carb and Keto-friendly foods. Below you'll find a comprehensive list of foods which are suitable. Think we've missed something off? Let us know!

Counting the Carbs

Strict Keto followers tend to stick to fewer than 20 grams of carbohydrates per day. Less strict followers stick to fewer than 50 carbs per day - a regime which is often (perhaps unfairly!) called 'Lazy Keto'

Pre-packaged products usually have nutrition labels which break down the amount of carbs per 100g or serving. If you need the carb value of a food which doesn't have a label, a web search will usually give you a value.

The example nutrition label here is from a Chicken and Vegetable Soup, which contains 4.2g of carbs per 100g or 12.6g of carbs per serving of half a pot.

The Keto Diet

Although there's room for the occasional snack or treat on Keto, it's important to remember that healthy fats and proteins should be at the core of your diet. 

Try to stick primarily to foods with a green traffic light from the list below, ideally with plenty of meat, cheese, cream and eggs.  

The Keto-Pro Traffic Light System

All of the foods on the Keto-Pro Shopping List are (or can be) suitable for a Keto or low carb diet. But some food are better than others. To help you make informed choices, we've created the Keto-Pro Traffic Light System.


KETO-PRO APPROVED! These are the best of the best - Keto-safe foods which can be eaten freely on a Keto diet.


Keto-friendly. These foods can be eaten in moderation on a Keto diet. Check the carbs in your serving to ensure that you stay below your daily carbs target.


These foods can be safely eaten on a Keto diet if you avoid versions with hidden carbs. For each food, we included some advice on what you need to look out for.

In addition, you may want to avoid or eat some foods in moderation due to the presence of a high amount of Lectins or Oxalates. These foods are marked with a letter in brackets after them.

(L) - contains Lectins. Lectins are sticky proteins which bind themselves to sugar molecules and which have, amongst other things, been linked to reduced weight loss on the Keto diet. 
(O) - contains Oxalates. Excessive consumption of oxalates has been linked to kidney stones, back and joint pain, headaches and leaky gut.

Meat and Animal Products


All cuts of beef are fine, including the list below. For processed beef products, be sure to check that there are no starches, rusks or gluten 

● Brisket

● Chuck

● Cubed beef

● Fillet

● Flank

● Frying steak

● Ground beef

● Minced beef

● Oxtail

● Rib

● Rib-Eye

● Rump

● Skirt

● Stewing beef

● Silverside

● Sirloin

● T-Bone

● Tenderloin

● Topside

● Veal

● Burgers (check for rusk/grains/fillers)

● Corned Beef (check for sugar)

● Hot dogs (check for rusk/grains/fillers)

● Jerky (check for sugar)

● Pastrami (check for sugar)

● Sausages (check for rusk/grains/fillers)


All cuts of lamb are fine, including the list below. For processed lamb products, be sure to check that there are no starches, rusks or gluten 

● Breast

● Chop

● Flank

● Leg

● Loin

● Loin Chop

● Neck

● Neck Fillet

● Rack

● Rib

● Rump

● Shank

● Shoulder

● Burgers (check for rusk/fillers/sugar)

● Kofte (check for rusk/fillers/sugar)


All cuts of venison are fine, including the list below. For processed venison products, be sure to check that no starches, rusks or gluten.

● Flank

● Ribs

● Rump

● Sirloin

● Shank

● Shoulder

● Tenderloin

● Burgers (check for rusk/starch)

● Sausages (check for rusk/grains/fillers)


All cuts of pork are fine, including the list below. For processed pork products, be sure to check that no starches, rusks or gluten 

● Bacon

● Belly

● Chops

● Gammon

● Ham

● Loin

● Pepperoni

● Proscutto

● Ribs

● Salami

● Shoulder

● Tenderloin

● Chorizo

● Hot Dogs (check for rusk/grains/fillers)

● Pork Crackling (check for rusk)

● Sausages (check for rusk/grains/fillers)


All cuts of chicken are fine, including the list below. For processed chicken products, be sure to check that no starches, rusks or gluten. And absolutely no breading!

● Breast

● Drumstick

● Leg

● Mince

● Thigh

● Wing

● Burgers (check for rusk/grains/fillers)

● Sausages (check for rusk/grains/fillers)


All cuts of turkey are fine, including the list below. For processed turkey products, be sure to check that no starches, rusks or gluten. And absolutely no breading!

● Breast

● Leg

● Wing

● Thigh

● Drumstick

● Mince

● Burgers (check for rusk/grains/fillers)

● Sausages (check for rusk/grains/fillers)


All cuts of duck are fine, including the list below. Be sure to avoid those sugary sauces normally associated with duck!

● Breast

● Drumstick

● Leg

● Thigh

● Wing


Not everyone's cup of tea, but organ meats are one of the best ways to improve dietary nutrient density. All organ meats are fine, including the list below.

● Brain

● Heart

● Kidney

● Liver

● Tongue

● Tripe


All cuts of rabbit are fine, including the list below. 

● Belly flap

● Hind leg

● Loin

● Shoulder


Eggs are fine, and usually an essential staple of the Keto/Low Carb lifestyle.

● Chicken Eggs

● Duck Eggs

● Goose Eggs

● Quail Eggs

● Turkey Eggs


All fish and sea meats are fine, including the list below. For processed products, be sure to check that no starches, rusks or gluten. And absolutely no breading!

● Anchovies

● Calamari

● Clam

● Cod

● Crab

● Eel

● King Prawns

● Kippers

● Lobster

● Mackerel

● Mussels

● Octopus

● Oyster

● Prawns

● Salmon

● Sardines

● Scallop

● Seabass

● Shrimp

● Squid

● Tuna

● Trout

Fruits and Vegetables


As a basic rule of thumb, any leafy vegetables which grow above ground are Keto-safe, including:

● Brussel Sprouts

● Cabbage

● Kale

● Lettuce

● Swiss Chard

● Watercress

● Fennel

● Spinach (O)


Nuts (and particularly tree nuts) are very rich in fat, so are an ideal choice for a Keto diet. 

● Macadamia

● Macadamia Butter

● Pili

● Almond Butter (L)

● Almonds (L)

● Brazil (L)

● Chia seeds (L)

● Flax Seeds (L)

● Hazelnuts (L)

● Hemp seeds (L)

● Peanut Butter (L)

● Peanuts (L)

● Pecans (L)

● Sesame seeds (L)

● Sunflower seeds (L)

● Walnuts (L)


Here's our list of Keto-friendly vegetables. It's generally safer to avoid legumes, such as peas, beans and lentils, along with root vegetables.

● Asparagus

● Broccoli

● Celery

● Chives

● Courgette

● Egg Plant

● Garlic

● Ginger

● Mushrooms

● Okra

● Olives

● Radish

● Zucchini

● Bell Peppers (L)

● Carrots

● Cauliflower (L)

● Chillis

● Green Beans (L)

● Onions

● Pumpkin


In general, fruits contain a lot of carbs - it's sugar which gives them their sweetness. Some berries are fine in moderate portions, but on the whole, it's best to avoid fruits where possible.

● Avocado

● Cucumber

● Lemon

● Blueberries

● Blackberries

● Raspberries
● Rhubarb (O)

● Strawberries

● Lime

● Tomatoes

Fats and Dairy


Vegetable/seed oils are not suitable for a Keto diet, due to their high levels of Lineolic acid, which can lead to insulin resistance and fat storage. Watch out for pre-packaged products which contain seed oils!

● Avocado Oil

● Coconut Oil

● Keto-Pro MCT Oil

● Olive Oil


Saturated fats, such as butter and lard, can be freely eaten on a Keto/low carb diet.

● Butter

● Ghee

● Lard

● Tallow

● Beef Dripping

● Duck Fat

● Goose Fat


Cheese is a brilliant Keto food, full of healthy fats. Try to avoid overly processed cheeses and watch out for pre-grated cheeses which often include potato starch to keep the grated pieces separate.

● Brie

● Camembert

● Cheddar

● Cottage Cheese

● Double Gloucester

● Feta

● Gouda

● Mozzarella

● Parmesan

● Red Leicester

● Ricotta

● Soft Cheese

● Stilton

● Swiss

● Wensleydale

● Cream Cheese


Double cream is a staple of the Keto diet. Here are some other dairy choices which can be included in a Keto diet in moderation.

● Heavy/Double Cream

● CrΓ¨me Fraiche

● Full fat Greek Yoghurt

● Sour Cream


Dairy milk is a no-no on a Keto diet due to its high amount of sugars in the form of lactose. Some non-dairy alternatives can be used in moderation. Check the carb count, as many such milks contain sugar.

● Almond Milk (check for added sugar)

● Coconut Milk (check for added sugar)

Store Cupboard


Here are a few cupboard staples which it's handy to have if you're following a Keto/low carb diet.

● Almond Flour (blanched)

● Coconut flour

● Erythritol

● Pickles

● Psyllium Husk

● Stevia

● Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

● Xanthan Gum

● Keto Porridge

● Coconut aminos

● Coconut cream

● Coconut milk

● Stock cubes


Watch out for any seasonings/sauces containing sugar or vegetable/seed oils. Follow the link below to our range of Keto sauces where you'll find some excellent low-carb table sauces.

● Apple Cider Vinegar

● Black Pepper

● Celtic Sea Salt

● Keto Sauces

● Mayonnaise made with Olive/Avocado Oil

● Pink Himalayan Salt

● Vinegar

● White Pepper

● Red Wine Vinegar

● Tabasco

● Hot Sauces (check for sugar)

● Mustard (check for seed oils)


Most herbs and spices are absolutely fine on a Keto diet. Although there are a number of Keto-friendly items in the list below, they're generally OK due to the relatively small amount used in most dishes.

● Allspice

● Basil

● Bay

● Cardoman

● Cloves

● Coriander

● Chives

● Dill

● Garlic Powder

● Ginger

● Italian seasoning

● Mint

● Mustard Seeds

● Nutmeg

● Oregano

● Rosemary

● Sage

● Parsley

● Tarragon

● Thyme

● Chilli Powder

● Cinnamon

● Cumin

● Curry Powder

● Paprika

● Turmeric


If you're in need of a savoury snack fix on Keto, there are plenty of options to choose from! Remember that snacks are a treat - they shouldn't form the basis of your Keto diet!

● Cheesies

● Keto Crackers (L)

● Keto Crisps (L)

● Nuts (L)

● Beef Jerky/Biltong (check for sugar)

● Pork Crackling (check for rusk)


There are some tasty Keto-friendly treats for the sweet toothed! But remember to enjoy them in moderation!


When you begin the Keto journey, your liver signals the kidney to release sodium, which can lead to fatigue, nausea and headaches - something which is widely called "Keto Flu". Supplementing electrolytes daily replaces the lost sodium and has many wider benefits.



When new to ketosis, the body depletes the glucose stored in muscles as glycogen, but along with that, water and naturally occurring electrolytes. This often leads to fatigue, headaches, brain fog, nausea and irritability, often referred to as the dreaded "Keto Flu". 

Electrolytes are a convenient and great-tasting way to keep your body's electrolyte levels at optimal levels. Electrolytes are always the first recommendation on our list for Keto newcomers!

The ultimate in convenience! A delicious cherry berry electrolyte in an easy-to-use stick pack.

One of our most popular products - the electrolyte choice of thousands of customers.


Supplementing with exogenous ketones can speed up the process of entering ketosis and ramps up ketone production, boosting energy and given improved mental clarity.

Our Exogenous Ketone powders can be mixed into water or black coffee.

With more BHB per gram than most other market leaders, our great-tasting premium Raspberry Bomb is a popular choice amongst ketonians.


MCT is a type of fat found in oils and research suggests health benefits including increased energy, appetite suppression and better gut health.

● C8 MCT Oil

Our premium C8 MCT oil is 99.9% pure and 3x more ketogenic than others on the market.

Many Ketonians prefer MCT in powder form as it can be added as a creamer to morning coffee, as a booster to smoothies and used in Keto baking.

Our Keto bars contain 5g of MCT per bar!


Boost your energy and mental focus before you work out with our Keto-friendly supplements.

Creatine Monohydrate increases muscle availability as it increases the endurance of the cells in which energy is stored. This increases the level of muscular energy, promoting enhanced physical performance.

Our Amino Acid combo (with added MCT) quickly converts into a clean energy boost without the dreaded crash from most pre-workouts on the market. 

Benefits include increased blood flow, improved circulation, and increased strength and endurance.


If you're planning to work out while on your Keto diet, then you may wish to supplement with protein to improve muscle mass and strength.

Our premium quality Keto-friendly protein powder contains only natural ingredients and none of the nasties you'll find in other brands on the market.

Each 50 gram Keto bar contains a whopping 8.5 grams of protein.


Collagen is a prominent structural protein making up about a third of the proteins in the human body, but which is largely absent from the average diet. Supplementing collagen leads to better hair, skin, nails, joints and digestion.

Available in three flavours, get 9.15 grams of collagen peptides per serving of our Collagen protein powder.

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