Videos - Keto-Pro Ambassadors

Shane Williams


"Since working with Keto-Pro, I have adopted the ketogenic lifestyle and with their nutritional advice, coupled with the supplementation of their products, I am fitter and healthier, not only allowing me to stay active with my family, but also to achieve a Guiness World Record and become a much better endurance athlete."

Andrianna Christofi interviews Shane Williams and chats to him about his ketogenic journey and how Keto-Pro has helped him maximise his results.

Shane Williams, the Rugby Legend and Ironman explains why he uses Keto-Pro's Protein as part of his diet.

Find out why Keto-Pro Electrolytes are part of the daily routine of rugby legend and ironman, Shane Williams.

Andrianna Christofi


"In my line of work, being lean, having energy, concentration and looking camera-ready is essential, but I have always struggled with energy, feeling drained on set. I have suffered with joint pain and sometimes struggled to recover from my training. Since working with Keto-Pro, I now cycle the ketogenic diet and use their products to massively improve my energy and mental clarity. I now have the ability to stay lean, am free from joint pain and look good in front of the camera." 

Andrianna Christofi (AKA The Body From The Cube) explains why Keto-Pro Collagen is one her favourite products.

Keto-Pro ambassador, Andrianna Christofi (AKA The Body from The Cube), explains the benefits of Keto-Pro's C8 MCT Powder.

Andrianna Christofi (AKA The Body From The Cube) explains how Keto-Pro Electrolytes can help to alleviate Keto flu.

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