The Keto Pro Podcast | Are Plants Making You Sick
Part One

Dr. Anthony Chaffee, a Medical Doctor, Neurosurgical resident and nutrition expert who over the last 20+ years has researched optimal human health talks to me about the damaging effect of plants that many of us are completely unaware of!

Dr. Chaffee's research has shown plants contain lots of carcinogens and toxins that are detrimental to human health, these are plants many of us consume on a daily basis! Could broccoli be damaging your DNA through clastogenesis?

We discuss the effects of lectins, phytic acid, as well as the so called health benefits from foods high in polyphenols such as curcumin, other polyphenols as well as resveratrol, flavonoids / isoflavones found in soy, onions, berries and tea and much more!

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