The Fabulously Keto Podcast #138

Richard Smith was 33 when he learned he was Type II diabetic with a body fat percentage just under 60%. He suffered with other ailments that impacted his life. After a ‘Well Man’ test with my doctor the found out his blood glucose levels were through the roof, blood pressure was high, kidneys were in bad shape and Pattern B LDL cholesterol was high.

Richard hated his life and something had to change. His friend Jonathan introduced him to keto. Within the first month, he lost 2 stone. By month 4, he had lost an amazing 4 stone – that’s 56lbs in 120 days! Over 12 months, his total loss of body fat was over 100lbs.

Richard is a Nutritionist, Professional Athlete and British Champion. He felt like he had a secret, a secret he needed to share with the world and help transform the health and lives of others, so he set up Keto-Pro.

138: Richard Smith – The Keto-Pro
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