Keto Chocolate Dessert with Pomegranate Seeds and Mint

Pomegranate chocolate Keto dessert is my new guilty pleasure giving you a real zing to the taste buds when craving something sweet. Normally best do once fat adapted not in the initial phase of adapting to the Ketogenic way of eating.

Only a sprinkle of pomegranate seeds as they are quite high in sugar, you can use raspberries or blackberries which are more Keto approved


Raw Cacao Butter organic 95g (1/2 cup)

85% Cocoa dark chocolate 10 squares

Erythritol 7 grams.

Cream cheese 250g

Vanilla extract ¼ teaspoon (1g)

Pomegranate seeds 15g

Fresh Mint


(per serving)

Calories: Kcal 272

Fat: 59.7g

Total Carbs: 9.1g


Net Carbs: 6.3g



  1. Gently melt the cacao butter and chocolate in a saucepan then leave aside to cool down stirring occasionally

  2. Whilst cacao butter and chocolate is cooling down mix the cream cheese vanilla extract and Erythritol together in a food processor until combined well

  3. Slowly pour in the mixture stirring frequently and mix until you have a smooth consistency

  4. Use small mason jars to store the dessert in the fridge. Leave to set for 1.5 hours. Remove once chilled and dress with seeds and mint.

    Storage: The dessert can be stored in a fridge for 5 days

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