Keto Beef Goulash

This is my Keto version of a typical Hungarian goulash stew, lots of savoury flavours, I add some chilli to add a punch. Beef, Tomatoes, Peppers, shallots and garlic make a very warming meal anytime of the year. I sometimes add some cauliflower rice to bulk up the plate.

Ingredients for 4 servings

Avocado oil 4 tablespoons (60ml)

Garlic 2 cloves (6g)

Roast Beef 1lb (450g)

Button Mushrooms 5 mushrooms, (50g)

Beef broth ½ Cup 120ml

1 Bay leaf

Smoked Paprika 1 tablespoon

Parsley 1 tablespoon(1g) chopped for Garnish

½ green pepper bell chopped (60g)

Chopped tomatoes ¼ cup (60ml diced)

Shallots 40g


(per serving)

Calories: 286 Kcal

Fat: 19.3g

Total Carbs: 3.8g


Net Carbs:2.8g



  1. Heat the avocado oil, add the shallots, garlic to the frying pan and cook until the shallots become semi transparent

  2. Add the beef until cook until browned slightly

  3. Add the peppers and mushrooms and cook for a further couple of minutes

  4. Adding now the bay leaf, beef stock and paprika to the mix, reducing the heat

  5. Simmer gently and stir occasionally, at this stage I add a pinch of chilli powder (optional) cook for 35 minutes

  6. Add some more water if gets too thick, prevents it sticking to the bottom

  7. Check the thickness of the sauce and ensure you don’t overcook the meat

  8. Season with salt and pepper

  9. Remove bay leaf and serve goulash with whatever low carb option you choose

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