Shane Williams

International Rugby Legend & Iron Man


"Hi, I am Shane Williams, Keto-Pro Ambassador.

Since working with Keto-Pro, I have adopted the ketogenic lifestyle and with their expert nutritional advice coupled with the supplementation of their products, I am fitter & healthier, not only allowing me to stay active with my family but to achieve a Guinness World Record and become a much better endurance athlete."



Andrianna Christofi

Television Presenter, Model and ‘The Body from the Cube’


"Hi, I am Andrianna, Keto-Pro Ambassador.

In my line of work, being lean, having energy, concentration and looking camera ready is essential, but I have always struggled with energy, feeling drained on set, I have suffered with joint pain and struggled with energy and recovery with my training, but since working with Keto-Pro, I now cycle the ketogenic diet and along with using their products I have massively improved my energy, mental clarity and have the ability to stay lean, joint pain free and look good in front of that camera."

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