Videos - The Keto Pro Podcast

Keto Pro's Richard Smith is the UK's leading Keto nutrition expert. In The Keto Pro Podcast he discusses all things Ketogenic Diet with some of the biggest names in the space. Plus you'll make some of the faces behind the popular Keto brands and hear the inspirational stories of regular people who've achieved amazing things thanks to Keto!

Professor Tim Noakes reveals new research and old forgotten research which may shed some light on the question... carbs or keto?

We share with you the truth behind weight loss and how you can achieve it using the correct methods.

Olivia Khwaja tells us how she made some dietary changes that allowed her to achieve an incredible 35kg loss of body fat!

Sean Sako Sakinofsky reveals all about is previous ill health and why he transitioned into a healthier lifestyle, one away from carbohydrates.

We discuss mechanisms behind cravings, how neurotransmitter signals can potentially become damaged or blocked by the foods we eat. 

Stephen Thomas, phlebotomist & health coach now, but previously a high carb athlete,who was anti-fat, now only eats meat!

Dr. Anthony Chaffee, a Medical Doctor, talks to me about the damaging effect of plants that many of us are completely unaware of!

Dr. Chaffee's research has shown plants contain carcinogens and toxins that are detrimental to health! Could broccoli be damaging your DNA?

Keto Pro's Richard Smith discusses Keto and Fasting with 4x best-selling author and host of the award-winning podcast, Keto Kamp, Ben Azadi.

Kev talks about what brought him into the Keto space, his history as a soldier, adjusting to life in Germany and his inspirations on his Keto journey.

Sheila talks about how changing her diet had a massive impact on her health and how it inspired her to become a Health and Wellness coach.

Is the calorific model an antiquated system? Do calories govern whether we gain or lose weight and are all calories created equal.

Adam Robinson lost 10.5 stone in six months! Learn how he overcame food addiction and changed his life by living a keto lifestyle.

In this, the first in our 'Meet The Maker' series, Richard interviews Hannah Shutter, founder of LiveFATT, (previously FATTBAR).

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