To help address the issue of weight gain and the inability to lose weight, we must first understand the mechanism behind fat storage.

When we consume a meal high in carbohydrates, the body releases insulin from the pancreas to drive the glucose from those carbohydrates into the cell.

The issue here is 3-fold. Insulin is a storing hormone and it upregulates an enzyme called lipoprotein lipase which allows fatty acids to be stored.

The 2nd problem, in the presence of elevated insulin, it is almost biologically impossible for the fat cell to release fat for it to be used as fuel, meaning not only does insulin lead to fat storage, but it also prevents us from burning it for fuel.

Issue number 3 with insulin is that it causes a drop in blood glucose, leading to further hunger and the inevitable overeating and snacking between meals.

So... What can we do to address this?

We can tackle this with both diet and supplementation.

By restricting our carbohydrate consumption, we remove the activation of insulin, leading to fat loss.

The issue here is that carbohydrates are sugar, sugar is a drug and it's more addictive than heroine, so cutting these back can be difficult initially.

So, in the addition of carbohydrate restriction, we have produced 2 supplements that can help.  

Our C8 MCT Powder almost instantly breaks down into the ketone body beta-hydroxybutyrate, we also produce Beta-hydroxybutyrate in it's raw form...Why is this important?

Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) fights insulin resistance, making the body more insulin sensitive, when insulin is more sensitive, it's doesn't linger in the system as long, leading to less fat storage.

BHB also supplies pure, clean energy which helps prevent you from snacking and even better, it suppresses appetite leading to much less carbohydrate consumption. These together are incredible tools to aid with fat loss.

But it gets even better! 

BHB is a signalling molecule, it signals the body to enter the metabolic state of ketosis. Ketosis is a natural metabolic state in which we burn fat for fuel. Ketosis increases UCP-1, an uncoupling protein that tells white fat to waste energy in the way brown fat does, these literally signal the body to burn fat.

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Grains contain lectins, lectins bind to insulin receptors causing up to 5 x more fat storage than insulin itself which is counterintuitive to fat loss. But it gets worse, lectins also negate the absorption of other nutrients by binding to receptor sites on the microvilli lining the gut. Lectins also block a hormone called leptin, leptin is a satiety hormone and it tells us when we're full, so by consuming foods high in lectins, not only are causing more fat storage, but with lack of nutrients and with the inability of leptin to tell us we're full, we begin to over consume. 

Be careful when snacking, try and fill up on your meals, eat foods high in fats and protein, fats and protein fill you for longer and they're highly nutrient dense, so you'll find the need to snack in between meals will eventually disappear. Until then, if you do need to snack, eat foods like eggs and cheese, nuts are a good option too, but be careful not to over consume. Macadamia are the best option, low in carbohydrate and lectins.

Our Chocolate Almond Brownie is another fab option, made from all natural ingredients and full of quality fats from MCT. These are great in between meals or on the go.  

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