The You Project - #741 A Recovery Story

In his twenties, Richard Smith (Nutritionist, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Researcher, Bodybuilder) was morbidly obese, suffered from constant back pain, was covered in acne, endured regular debilitating migraines (which made him temporarily blind), battled Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, had high blood pressure, was a type 2 diabetic, alcoholic, addicted to pain killers, went through a full pack of paracetamol daily (on top of his regular pain medication!!) and to top it all off, he was dealing with significant mental health issues (anxiety, depression, social phobia and suicidal ideation). 

For Richard, the magic pill came in the form of a dramatic shift in thinking, behaving, lifestyle and specifically, a Keto diet. This is a conversation with a f**kin’ fascinating bloke who completely reinvented himself. BTW, I don’t eat Keto but I’m definitely gonna make a few tweaks and see what happens; a study of one. N=1 and I am the research(er) and the research(ed). Enjoy. 

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