Sara's Story

How Keto helped me to lose 5.5 stone and reverse diabetes

The last two years have been difficult for everyone but one thing it taught me was to put my health first. Working within healthcare for the last thirty years has been very rewarding but challenging throughout the pandemic. This additional risk highlighted to me that being clinically obese, a Type II diabetic, having high blood pressure, joint pains and a BMI over 35 may have severe effects on my body and mental state. I hadn't really thought as myself as fat before but I started to view myself differently, through 'menopausal' goggles, and wanting to change how I looked and more importantly how I felt. I wanted to feel healthier and fitter.

I looked into diabetic and low carb diet and found information on the Ketogenic and low carb lifestyle. This was the start of the rest of my life........

Within a year I lost five and a half stone and dropped from dress size 20 to a size 8 eating a low carb and Keto lifestyle, fully reversing my diabetes and high blood pressure issues. I was taken of all medication and discharged from clinic. I haven't felt this fit and healthy since my early twenties!

My aim with the Ke-Lo Carb shop is to work in partnership with Keto-Pro to bring you all of your favourite low carb alternatives and world leading supplements within one click!

I hope to encourage you on your Keto and low carb journey. Follow me on Instagram - @kelocarbshop - where I will be sharing recipes, advice and support.

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