To improve athletic performance, we must first understand my 3 pillars of athletic performance.

Pillar 1. 'Power to weight ratio' Regardless of discipline / sport, the athlete needs to be strong, maintaining lean mass while carrying as little body fat as possible. A fighter or even a power lifter for example with the same strength can now enter a lower weight category giving them an advantage. 

Pillar 2. 'Repair & rebuild / reduce inflammation' A superior athlete needs the ability to repair, recover & rebuild while reducing inflammation as quickly as possible. 

Pillar 3. 'Energy on demand' an athlete needs superior energy and lots of it. The ability to tap into a source that will supply more energy for a longer period will allow an athlete to outperform their competition.     

So... What can we do to address this?

We can tackle this with both diet and supplementation.

By restricting our carbohydrate consumption, we remove the activation of insulin, leading to fat loss without sacrificing muscle.

The issue here is that carbohydrates are sugar, sugar is a drug and it's more addictive than heroine, so cutting these back can be difficult initially.

So, in the addition of carbohydrate restriction, we have produced 2 supplements that can help.  

Our C8 MCT Powder almost instantly breaks down into the ketone body beta-hydroxybutyrate, we also produce Beta-hydroxybutyrate in it's raw form...Why is this important?

Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) fights insulin resistance, making the body more insulin sensitive, when insulin is more sensitive, it doesn't linger in the system as long, leading to less fat storage.

BHB also supplies pure, clean energy which helps prevent you from snacking and even better, it suppresses appetite leading to much less carbohydrate consumption. These together are incredible tools to aid with fat loss.

Even in the presence of carbohydrates, BHB takes oxidative priority, meaning the body, brain and the heart preference it for energy over carbohydrates. The pure, clean energy supplied is higher and lasts longer than the energy supplied from carbs. BHB will even help a carb athlete buffer their glycogen stores, allowing them to train / compete for longer. 

But it gets even better! 

BHB is a signalling molecule, it signals the body to enter the metabolic state of ketosis. Ketosis is a natural metabolic state in which we burn fat for fuel. Ketosis increases UCP-1, an uncoupling protein that tells white fat to waste energy in the way brown fat does, these literally signal the body to burn fat.

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Grains contain lectins, lectins bind to insulin receptors causing up to 5 x more fat storage than insulin itself which it counterintuitive to fat loss. But it gets worse, lectins also negate the absorption of other nutrients by binding to receptor sites on the microvilli lining the gut, if an athlete can't absorb sufficient nutrients then their body isn't going to heal and repair as well as it could, this will inevitably have a detrimental impact on their performance. Removing grains will allow you to become a better athlete.

The studies referenced in this clip show that carbohydrates are not required to build muscle. The coingestion of carbohydrates and protein, despite an elevation in insulin has no effect on muscle protein synthesis compared with the ingestion of adequate protein alone! This is around 50g of protein or 3g of leucine. Interestingly, in the other study referenced, what did increase muscle protein synthesis was the coingestion of protein with fat! Consuming protein with fat INCREASES muscle protein synthesis. 

The best natural sources of high quality protein and fat is grass fed red meat, beef in particular, so check out your local butcher. Eggs are another great source, chicken is not as high in micronutrients or leucine, so if you are eating chicken, consume with the skin and add some mature cheese or butter, it may also be worth considering supplementing with leucine. 

Our C8 Oil is the 'Worlds Highest Purity' this is a fantastic way to to supply pure clean energy from a quality fat source. C8 instantly converts into BHB for superior energy.

Our protein powder is also unique and one we believe to be the best on the market. We don't process ours the way others are processed and they retain their natural probiotics. This coupled with our natural formula free from grains and emulsifiers allows for a much more bio-available protein. 

To ensure we have the ability to produce energy, we need electrolytes. Electrolytes are electrically charged minerals that help our body do much of its work!

We need them to move our muscles, send neurotransmitter signals from our brain to various organs and retain and regulate healthy fluid volume.

Electrolytes are essential for life! They allow us to create chemical energy from nutrient energy.

The best natural sources are Pink Himalayan rock salt and Celtic sea salt. Avoid table.

To be in an optimal range, we need between 4000-6000mg of sodium per day, as a tablespoon is less than 40% sodium, this means we would need to consume 15 tablespoons each day to reach this optimal level.

Our electrolytes are high strength and super bioavailable, we've used all natural ingredients and we've included astaxanthin, which is clinically proven for cardiovascular support and athletic performance!


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