Keto Crispy Parmesan Chicken Wings 

Simple crispy chicken wings are simple, cheap and have a good balance of protein and fats, and are extremely low in carbohydrates, these are air-fried or oven-baked for 25 minutes at a 190c oven (170c fan).

Ingredients for 15 servings

• Parmesan 80g

• Chicken wings 1kg

• Oregano 1 tsp

• Salt ¼ tsp

• Pepper ¼ tsp

• Olive oil 2 tbsp


(per serving)


  1. Grate the parmesan and add ¾ of the mixture to a freezer bag

  2. Add 1tsp of the olive oil and oregano into the bag

  3. Place the chicken wings into a freezer bag and shake to mix and coat

  4. Add salt and pepper, and shake again

  5. Add the chicken wings into an air fryer at 190c

  6. Drizzle the remaining oil over the chicken wings

  7. At 12 minutes turn the chicken wings to equally crisp

  8. Once cooked serve and add the remaining parmesan

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