The Beginner's Guide to Keto

If you've heard of Keto and want to learn more, then you've come to the right place! On this page, you'll learn all about the diet and its origins, plus get practical advice on what to eat, what to expect and how Keto-Pro can help you on your journey!

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Keto-Pro's Richard Smith and Stephen Thomas discuss the Keto/Ketogenic diet - what it is and how it works, some of the myths and misconceptions around the diet and how you follow the lifestyle.

A Quick Summary of the Keto Diet

Ketosis, or using fat as a source of energy, is the human body's natural 'metabolic state'. It's the metabolic state that humans have evolved to use and lived with over the last 200,000 years. Only in recent years, since the introduction of modern farming and the food industry's introduction of carbohydrate-based products, have we moved away from our evolutionary-appropriate diet.

Ketosis works by reducing, restricting or completely removing carbohydrates from our diet. Once our bodies deplete all of its stored carbohydrates, the body switches back to burning fat to create energy (either dietary fats or body fats).

Getting Started on the Keto Diet

Following the Keto Diet couldn't be easier - follow our six golden rules and you'll be heading down the path to improving your health and well-being very quickly!

1) LIMIT CARBOHYDRATES - Keep the amount of carbohydates you eat per day to 20g or less.

2) SALT - Season your food with a quality rock or sea salt. Electrolytes are important (see below)!

3) AVOID SEED OILS - Replace seed oils with olive oil, butter, tallow, lard or ghee.

4) FATS AND PROTEINS - Eat as much animal protein, fish and eggs as you like! 

5) VEGETABLES - Generally you can eat any vegetables grown above ground (except grains).

6) ONLY EAT WHEN YOU'RE HUNGRY - If you're not hungry, don't eat and stop when you're full!


The Keto-Pro Shopping List

From proteins to dairy to vegetable and snacks, this is our comprehensive guide to what you can and can't eat on Keto diet.

Satisfy your low carb needs with our huge database of Keto-friendly recipes, whether you're new to the diet or a seasoned pro!

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Electrolytes are important!

If there's one piece of advice which we'd give above all others to people starting their Keto/low carb journey, it's to make sure that you've got plenty of electrolytes in your diet! When you're new to Keto, changes in the way that your body processes food into energy means that your system depletes electrolytes which can lead to fatigue, brain fog, irritability and nausea. This is commonly referred to as "Keto Flu".

As we mention above, seasoning your food with plenty of good quality salt is one way to increase your electrolyte intake. Another is to supplement your diet with our flavoured electrolytes! Available in delicious Cherry Berry and Lemon & Orange, our electrolytes are trusted by thousands of customers and use only natural ingredients, which have been specially chosen because of their bio-availability - basically this means that your body will absorb them better.


More than Electrolytes!

Keto-Pro Electrolytes contain ingredients for optimal health which other brands wouldn't dream of including due to their high cost. Find out more here.

More about Keto Flu and Sodium

Keto-Pro's founder and resident nutritionist, Richard Smith, discusses Keto Flu and sodium's role in our diet.

How Keto-Pro can help!

In addition to our premium supplements, Keto-Pro offers a one stop shop for Keto and low carb friendly food and snacks, which can help to make the Keto diet a little bit more manageable!

We stock Keto-friendly alternatives to popular staples such as bread, wraps and porridge. Here are a few customer favourites. 

There are some amazing savoury snack options when you're eating Keto or low carb. Here are a few... 

And fear not if you have a sweet tooth - we've got you covered! Here are a few products which our customers love!

Keto-Pro Supplements

Keto-Pro's range of premium supplements can complement and enrich your low carb diet. Here are some range highlights.

Further information

We've tried to keep this page simple, but if you'd like to learn more, here's some selected further reading/watching!

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