• Keto for Bone Strength??

    Keto for Bone Strength??
    Keto for Bone Strength??    The metabolic state of ketosis produces a ketone body called Beta-Hydroxybutyrate or BHB for short. Studies show that living a ketogenic lifestyle and or supplementing with Exogenous BHB can help prevent the deterioration of bone density by stopping the production of cells called osteoclasts.  The body produces osteoblasts to build bone tissue and osteoclast to breakdown down tissue, which is a natural process within a healthy individual but can cause terrible issues with people prone to bone degradation.  Findings...
  • Keto & Cholesterol... A Nutrient For Concern?

    Keto & Cholesterol... A Nutrient For Concern?
    Cholesterol on keto?  One of the biggest concerns I hear from people wanting to begin A Ketogenic lifestyle is that of cholesterol. One thing I hate is beating around the bush, so I’ll hit you with this up front...  The 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Report Concerning Dietary Cholesterol Consistent with the American Heart Association Deemed That...    ‘CHOLESTEROL IS NOT A NUTRIENT OF CONCERN FOR OVER-CONSUMPTION’    Cholesterol is imperative for life!    Cholesterol is...
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