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Benefits of the Ketogenic Lifestyle? BOOST YOUR BRAINPOWER WITH KETONES


Your brain requires more energy than any other organ. Even though it only occupies about 2% of your body mass, it consumes 20% of your daily energy requirements.  

Your brain can only use two fuel sources for its energy needs ... Glucose (a simple sugar) Ketone bodies (which your liver makes when your body is deprived of carbohydrates). 

Your body produces ketones when dietary fat or stored body fat is broken down into free fatty acids. Compared to glucose, ketones are an alternative source of energy that’s healthier for your brain. 

While glucose can cause insulin resistance, oxidative stress, and inflammation in your brain, ketones improve your insulin sensitivity, repair oxidative damage, and decrease brain inflammation.  

After a few days to a few weeks on the keto diet, you can expect brain fog to clear up as you become fat-adapted. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory and brain-protective qualities of the ketogenic diet, you will experience clearer thinking, better focus, and improved work performance. 

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